Monday, May 10, 2010

If you hang out with garbage, you start smelling like trash..

I have a small addiction to trashy reality TV. I don't have a lot of drama in my life and I guess I get my fix on TV. I am not so proud of this. I really like the Real Housewives series. My husband tells me to stop watching it, that I am the reason it's still on TV. If I and all the stupid people in the country quit watching it, they will not produce it any more. He's correct, because a lot of these woman are not positive influences in our lives. They are full of drama, hate, and crude remarks. One of them, on Real Housewives of New Jersey, really got me this weekend. The episode hasn't even aired yet, I saw this on a preview and it made me think. Caroline said "If you hang out with garbage, you start smelling like trash". I am not sure that's the exact quote, but that's what sticks out in my mind. It's definitely true. If you hang around negative people, you will be negative. I know I will struggle with this, but I will try to not be a negative influence on anyone in my life. I will try to refrain from gossip, venting, or just being mean. I will do what I am called to do, love others as I am loved.

I started today the way I start everyday. Get up, feed the dog, get ready for work, pray. I pray every morning, I need God to guide me all day, every day. Today started off negative. I am generally not a negative person. I am happy and like to see everyone else happy too. As my family struggles with everything we are going through I find it a good way to keep myself grounded. Why be miserable all the time. If I cried and was grumpy every time I went to see Dad or talked to John, how would that help them? I have made it my mission to be upbeat and happy at all times with them.

A coworker came in my office this morning, the first thing out of my mouth was (almost) negative. I was going to talk about someone in the office that bothers me. I can't even remember the situation (shows how important it was). I thought to myself first, why bring her down? She seems like she is in a good mood. I believe that one negative comment could have changed the whole atmosphere in the office. If I had said something negative, then it may make her a little grumpy, then she could do that to someone else, and so on. Why would I want that to start with me. Is that who I am? I am supposed to be a leader for God. I am supposed to mimick, all day, what a Christian is supposed to be.

So to the people I have offended, I am sorry. For the people I gossip to, I am sorry. For the people I have brought down to my level in the past, I am sorry. This is my past and I will pray everyday to have this NOT be my future. I am better than this and I can't beat it.

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